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Joyful Jake
One of a Kind Each Pony is carefully crafted by hand in traditional ways. Techniques vary from one pony to the next. Our procedure for making Freddy are not the same as those used for Daisy or Tammy. It takes about five weeks to make a pony from start to finish. They are fired many times. Each Pony is about 5 inches high
Pony Colors Ponies are available in about six different colors. Bay, Sorrel, Palomino, Gray, Appaloosa, Buckskin and Black. They are carefully painted by hand and no two are exactly alike. It takes quite a while for an artist to learn the skills required, they need the same ability that it would take to paint a horse on canvas.
"Manes & Tails" The "spaghetti" manes and tails are of ceramic. They are formed in strands and applied a few strands at a time. A time consuming process, but one that makes your Cheval Collection unique
All Cheval Ponies  are now retired.  You may find one or two at tack shops or gift shops, and  we still have a few remaining on our shelves. (September 2014) If you would like to purchase, please email us and we will let you know details of the colors and figures that are remaining. Cheval Ponies are sold at $40 each plus shipping costs
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