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Mini Ponies  Mini Ponies ...five model in all, available in six colors.  Mini Ponies stand about 3 inches high. They are very similar to the larger Pony collection, but do not have the detail. They also have been retired.
Mini Ponies
Highland Cattle
Comical Cattle
Highlander Cattle  This much loved ancient breed of cattle was originally kept by farmers in the North of Scotland and bred for their milk and their ability to withstand the harshest winter. Here we have created a pair of Highlanders to commemorate this ancient breed which is now becoming popular in North America. More interesting information about these delightful animals 
Comical Cattle  Johnny produced this figurine for the cattle enthusiast with a sense of humor.  They stand about five inches high and as seen here are in either black and white or brown and white paint.
All Mini Ponies, Highland Cattle and Comical Cattle are now retired At this time, (September 2014) we do have several hundred mini ponies in stock in North America. Unfortunately, the Highlanders and Comical Cattle are down to a dozen or so. If you would like to purchase, please email us and we will let you know details of the colors and figures that are remaining. Cheval  Mini Ponies are sold at $20 each plus shipping costs. All Cheval Cattle are $40 each while stocks last.
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